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您可能曾想像过与不相识的女主播互动,但你应该没有想像过您更可以对她们施加惩罚⋯⋯这里是惩罚女团,非裸露的惩罚游戏节目,一切皆有机会发生,打大腿、弹鲍鱼、拖鞋打胸、乳夹、滴蜡⋯⋯等等,这些都是你可以对女主播们施加的惩罚。惩罚她,直至她投降为止,而如果您心狠手辣,您更可拒绝她的投降⋯⋯ 对于女主播们被欺负感到看不过眼? 立即挺身而出把您最心仪的女主播救下来,把惩罚转到其他您不喜欢的女主播甚至是男主持人的身上⋯⋯嘿嘿
Ever fantasized about flirting with a mysterious lady on screen? Imagine not just chatting but playfully punishing them too. Welcome to Punishment Squad, where it’s all about cheeky games that won’t bare it all. Think light thigh slaps, rubber band zings, slippers for a soft chest tap, a little pinch here, and a warm wax drop there... Oh yes, these flirty little 'ouches' are all part of the fun you can have with the broadcasters. Tease them until they playfully plead, and if you're feeling a bit devilish, you might just keep them on their toes a bit longer... Does it tug at your heartstrings to see these broadcasters in a playful pickle? Be her knight in shining armor, swoop in and save your favorite one. Then, maybe send a little mischief someone else's way—could be another broadcaster or even the male host. Now that’s a spicy twist!
游戏设有一位主持人,主持人会决定每个环节的惩罚及小游戏,每个环节惩罚的女嘉宾会以小游戏结果决定,当有女嘉宾在小游戏中获败,她可以选择接受惩罚或求救,求救将需要惩罚定价的双倍,而当有观众拯救了女嘉宾后,在一般情况下,该惩罚将转移到其他女嘉宾上。 当有女嘉宾正在求救时,观众亦可“补刀”,即在小费菜单内付费让她接受相同或其他的惩罚,如女嘉宾当前还有惩罚,则需要先把惩罚都做完才能下台休息。
The game has a host who decides the punishments and mini-games for each segment. The female guests who will be punished in each segment are determined by the results of the mini-games. When a female guest loses in a mini-game, she can choose to either accept the punishment or call for help; calling for help will require twice the amount of the punishment's set price. Generally, if a viewer rescues a female guest, the punishment will then be transferred to another female guest. When a female guest is calling for help, viewers can also "finish her off," which means paying through the tip menu to have her accept the same or a different punishment. If the female guest currently has pending punishments, she must complete all of them before she can leave the stage to rest.

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幸运大抽奖 Lucky Draw 60
一号舞蹈:Dance number one5
三号舞蹈:Dance number three5
四号舞蹈:Dance number four5
团体舞蹈:Group dance30
主持人出境:The host appeared in fro4800
添加主播联系方式:Add anchor contact in2500
小夹子夹奶头 Pinch the nipple with a300
弹弓打鲍鱼 Shooting abalone with sl200
大夹子夹奶头 Big clip for nipples500
吃芥末:Eating mustard40
喝醋:Drinking vinegar40
吃辣椒:Eating chili peppers40
吃柠檬:Eating lemons40
跳指压板:Jumping finger pressure p40
吃盐:Eating salt40
保护不受罚:Protect from punishment80
奖励小零食:Reward snacks188
奖励奶茶:Reward Milk Tea388
奖励吃糖:Reward for eating candy99
接我下班:Pick me up from work10000
气球做爱:Balloon sex80
胸爆气球:Chest pop balloons80
蹲狂狼:Lower Footage560
乌龟转:Turtle turns40
喝一瓶牛奶drink a bottle of milk200
单项解锁高配Unlock high configuratio40
一瓶啤酒:A bottle of beer500
白酒一盖:A lid of liquor40
白酒一瓶小1 bottle of liquor small2000
白酒一瓶大:A bottle of liquor large8000
柔胸:Soft breasts40
扯内裤:Rip panties40
跳大竹笋 Jumping large bamboo shoo80
大象鼻子转圈圈 Elephant trunk spinnin40
弹大腿 Bounce thigh40
芥末涂人中 Mustard coated human mid40
吃一包泡面 Eat a packet of instant 500
吃蒜一颗 Eating a Garlic40