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Lovely morning⭐

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⭐About me⭐
🌸 I'm Meli! 🌸 I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself, I don't really have many friends. I'm in high school, I'm going to university in a next year. ⭐My friends call me Mel, I have a shy personality because I've only talked to guys about various topics on discord⭐ 🍌I may not have much experience with guys, but I think we can be friends.🍌 👑What excites me most are the feelings that guys can make a girl feel. I don't like rough guys👑
Thank you very much for visiting my room
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⭐The nicest gift from a guy is a soft toy, I love keychains. They always look really cute... I hope I can add pictures where I can share my mood.⭐
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